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Positive Transformation

Maybe you had a fender-bender, or your car was damaged by a shopping cart, or you misjudged your parking space.  Maybe you have an older car you’d like to sell, but it’s worn-out appearance stands in your way.  Or, maybe you even just want to give your car a little touch-up.

No matter the reason, TOP GUN, INC. offers great paint jobs and repairs at affordable prices.  


Wear and Tear

Sometimes you just can’t avoid the elements.  Things like acid rain, harsh sunlight, stone chips, parking lot “dings” from another car or shopping cart, even car wash drive-throughs or even the soap you use to wash your vehicle can all take a toll on your paint.


Paint-less Dent Repairs

At TOP GUN, INC., all of our repairs employ professional metalworking techniques.  Often we use paint-less dent repair procedures to fix minor body damage and dings.

In some cases, it cannot be paint-less.  Body fillers are used to cover minor defects that can remain after damage has been straightened.  After the area has been primed and prepped, we then will proceed to paint.

Replacement parts might be needed if the damage is too great to straighten.


Bumper Repair or Replacement

Why tie up your vehicle in a collision shop for days for a bumper repair?

Most bumpers we can fix. Our team of technicians will repair peeling, torn or dented bumpers for much less than typical autobody repair shops. Some damaged and dented plastic bumpers can be repaired by heating and re-molding them to their original shape and finish. Most minor bumper scrapes, scratches and scuffs can be sanded, filled, primed and then painted.

Depending on your vehicle and the extent of the bumper damage, you may need to have a replacement ordered. In some cases – if the car is older or if original equipment parts aren’t available – we will try to provide either used or aftermarket replacement parts.

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