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Q.  Do you use good quality paint?
A.  All of our products are urethane-based, base-coat/clear-coat applications.  Our paints have been thoroughly tested, and meet or exceed O.E.M. quality standards.

Q.  What are the benefits of the clear-coat process?
A.  Clear-coat is very important for many reasons.  First, it makes paint on your vehicle shine.  Second, the "clear" component creates a chemical bond with the "base" color to make the coating chemical and weather resistant.  Without clear-coat, your paint will not shine properly or be nearly as resilient as it should be.


Q.  How long will the paint last on my vehicle?
A.  The paint TOP GUN, INC. uses will last as long as your original paint if you care for it just like you do for your original paint.  It will not wash off or fade over time. It’s the same high-quality paint autobody shops use.

Q.  What is a tri-stage color?
A.  Tri-stage colors, or "tri-coats" are special colors that require an additional step during application.  Many pearl whites and a few reds are tri-stages.  They simply require that you apply a base color first, let it dry, and then apply a mid-coat.  After the mid-coat comes the clear.

Q.  Is your color-matching accurate?
A.  At TOP GUN, INC. we use the vehicle’s paint code to match the original paint color, and adjust it if necessary.

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